NameDescriptionUnit of Mesure
BBQ Sauce-Diana SauceOriginal (500mL)
BBQ Sauce-Diana SauceHoney Garlic (500mL)
BBQ Sauce-Diana SauceRib and Chicken (500mL)
BBQ Sauce-Diana SauceMaple (500mL)
BBQ Sauce-Diana SauceHoney Dijon BBQ (500mL)
CerealCinnamon Toast Crunch
CerealHoney Nut Cheerios
CerealFruit Loops
CerealCap’N Crunch
CerealLucky Charms
CerealFun Pac (Rice Krispies, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes) 8 Boxes per pack
CerealMini Wheats Original
CerealCorn Pops
CerealFrosted Flakes
CerealRice Crispies
CerealTwo Scoops Raisin Bran
CerealOatmeal Crisp, Triple Berry
Chips-DoritosCool Ranch
Chips-HostessHickory Sticks
Chips-LaysClassic Regular
Chips-LaysSalt and Vinegar
Chips-LaysDill Pickle
Chips-LaysSour Cream and Onion
Chips-Miss Vickie'sJalapeno
Chips-Miss Vickie'sSweet Chili and Sour Cream
Chips-Miss Vickie'sSea Salt and Malt Vinegar
Chips-TostitosMultigrain Rounds
Chocolate Bar - Dairy MilkMilk Chocolate
Chocolate Bar - Dairy MilkHazelnut
Chocolate Bar - Dairy MilkAlmond
Coffee-FolgersKeurig Classic Roast, 12 Pods
Coffee-FolgersClassic Decaf Ground (642g)
Coffee-FolgersClassic Roast Ground (920g)
Coffee-Maxwell HouseDecalf, 12 Pods
Coffee-Maxwell HouseOriginal Roast, 12 Pods
Coffee-Maxwell HouseOriginal Roast Ground (925g)
Coffee-Mc CafePremium Roast Ground (950g)
Coffee-Mc CafePremium Roast, 12 Pods
Coffee-Mc CafeDecaf Roast, 12 Pods
Coffee-Mc CafePremium Roast Bag
Coffee-StarbucksSumatra Ground Coffee Bag
Coffee-Tim HortonsOriginal Blend, Medium Roast Bag
Coffee-Tim HortonsKeurig Original, K-Cup 12 pods
Coffee-Tim HortonsFrench Vanilla Medium Roast Bag
Coffee-Tim HortonsKeurig Decafe, K-Cup 12 pods
Coffee-Tim HortonsOriginal Blend, Fine Ground (930g)
CondimentsRelish – Green
CookiesFruit Creme
Cookies-Chips Ahoy!Original Chocolate Chip
Cookies-Chips Ahoy!Rainbow Chip
Cookies-Chips Ahoy!Chunck
Cookies-ChristieDouble Stuf Oreo
Cookies-ChristieGolden Vanilla Oreo
Cookies-ChristieCinnamon Bun Oreo
Cookies-ChristieDad’s Oatmeal
Cooking Spray-PamOriginal
Crackers-CristieRitz Original
Crackers-CristiePremium Plus Salted Tops
Crackers-CristiePremium Plus Unsalted
Crackers-CristieWheat Thins, Mulitgrain
Crackers-CristieWheat Thins, Original
Crackers-CristieTriscut Original
Crackers-CristieTriscut Rosemary Olive Oil
Crackers-CristieVegetable Thins
Dish Soap-DawnOriginal
Dish Soap-DawnUltra Anitbacterial
Dish Soap-DawnLemon
Dishwashing Detergent-CascadeComplete Action pacs, Fresh Scent- 48 loads
Dishwashing Detergent-FinishQuantum Max Fresh-45 loads
Dried PastaSpaghetti
Dried PastaElbow Macaroni
Dried PastaFusilli
Dried PastaFarfalle
Garbage Bags-GladBlack Garbage bags, Large
Garbage Bags-GladWhite Kitchen Garbage bags
Laundry Detergent - SunlightLemon Fresh- 36 loads
Laundry Detergent - SunlightFree and Clear-36 loads
Laundry Detergent - TideColdwater Fresh Scent- 44 loads
Laundry Detergent - TideOriginal- 24 loads
Laundry Detergent - TideFree and Gentle- 24 loads
MarshmallowsBag of Large (400g)
MarshmallowsBag on mini (400g)
MarshmallowsBag of Jumbo (400g)
MayonnaiseMiracle Whip-jar
MayonnaiseMiracle Whip-squeezable
Oatmeal-Quaker InstantMaple and Brown Sugar- 8 Packets
Oatmeal-Quaker InstantVariety (Maple & Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Spice, Apple Cinnamon- 8 Packets
Oatmeal-Quaker InstantApple Cinnamon-8 Packets
Oatmeal-Quaker InstantPeaches and Cream- 8 Packets
Paper Towel-Bounty6 double rolls
Paper Towel-Royale6 rolls
Paper Towel-Sponge Towels6 rolls
PastaKraft Dinner
Pasta Sauce - ClassicoFour Cheese (650g)
Pasta Sauce - ClassicoTomato and Basil (650g)
Pasta Sauce - ClassicoBologna Bolognese (650g)
Pasta Sauce - ClassicoVodka Sauce (650g)
Pasta Sauce - ClassicoAlfredo (410g)
Pasta-SidekicksFettuccine Alfredo
Pasta-SidekicksCreamy Garlic Raffaello
Pasta-SidekicksThree Cheese
Pasta-SidekicksWhite Cheddar and Broccoli
Pasta-SidekicksHoney Garlic noodles
PicklesSweet mix
Pizza Sauce-PrimoOriginal, Pizza squeeze
PopcornButtery Flavour -6 bags per box
PopcornExtra Buttery – 10 bags per box
PopcornJiffy Pop
Recycling Bags-GladBlue Recycling bags, Large
Rice-Minute RiceLong Grain Minute (700g)-Box
Rice-Minute RiceLong Grain Minute (1.4kg)-Box
Rice-SidekicksChicken Fried
Rice-SidekicksCheddar Broccoli
Salad DressingRanch
Salad DressingThree Cheese Ranch
Salad DressingCaesar
Salad DressingItalian
Salad DressingGreek Feta
Salad DressingThousand Island
Salad DressingCatalina
Salad DressingSundried Tomato
Salad DressingRaspberry Vinaigrette
Salad DressingFrench
Salad DressingPoppyseed
Soap- Live CleanVanilla Oatmeal hand soap (500mL)
Soap-DoveBeauty Bar for sensitive skin-3 bars
Soap-DoveMen+Care,Extra Fresh-3 bars
Soap-Live CleanFresh Water Hydrating Liquid Hand soap (500mL)
Soap-Live CleanCoconut Milk Liquid hand soap (500mL)
SoupCream of Mushroom – can
SoupChicken noodle -can
SoupChicken noodle -box
SoupTomato – can
SpicesTable Salt – in shaker
SpicesCrushed Black Pepper – in shaker
SpicesPepper Corns
Syrup - 100% PureOriginal 100% Pure Maple Syrup (1L)
Syrup - Table SyrupOriginal (750mL)
Syrup - Table SyrupButter Flavor (750mL)
Syrup - Table SyrupLite (750mL)
Tea-Red RoseOrange Pekoe, 72 bags (209g)
Tea-TetleyOrange Pekoe, 72 bags
Tea-TetleyDecafeine Orange Pekoe, 80 bags
Tea-TetleyGreen Tea, 80 bags
Tea-TetleyPure Peppermint, 20 bags
Tea-TetleyDecaffeinated Green Tea, 24 bags
Tea-TetleyChai, 20 bags
Tea-TetleyDream Camamile, 20 bags
Tea-TetleyEarl Grey Decaffeinated, 24 bags
Toilet Paper-Cashmere12 double rolls
Toilet Paper-Charmin12 mega rolls
Toilet Paper-Cottonelle12 double rolls
Toilet Paper-Royale12 double rolls
Toothpaste-ColgateColgate Total
Toothpaste-ColgateColgate Sensitive
Toothpaste-CrestCrest Cavity Protection
Toothpaste-CrestCrest Plus Scope
Toothpaste-CrestCrest Kids