Dairy and Eggs

NameDescriptionUnit of Mesure
ButterSalted (454g)
ButterUnsalted (454g)
CheeseMarble-Brick (400g)
CheeseMild – Brick (400g)
CheeseMedium – Brick (400g)
CheeseNacho 3 Cheese-Shredded
CheeseTex Mex – Shredded
CheesePizza Mozzarella-Shredded
CheeseMozzarella-Brick (400g)
CheeseOriginal thin-Sliced
CheeseOld-Brick (400g)
Chocolate milk-FairlifeLactose Free 2% 1.5L
Chocolate milk-KawarthaChocolate Milk 1L (Carton)
Chocolate milk-KawarthaChocolate Milk 4L (Bagged)
Chocolate milk-KawarthaChocolate Milk 2L (Carton)
Chocolate milk-NeilsonChocolate Milk 4L (Bagged)
Chocolate milk-NeilsonChocolate Milk 2L (Carton)
Chocolate milk-NeilsonChocolate Milk 1L (Carton)
Chocolate milk-SilkAlmond Dark Chocolate (Carton)
Cottage Cheese2% container (500mL)
Cottage Cheese1% container (500mL)
Cream Cheese -PhiladelphiaOriginal Cream Cheese Spread
Cream Cheese -PhiladelphiaOriginal Brick Cream Cheese
Eggs-Brown LargeDozen
Eggs-Brown Large18 Carton
Eggs-White LargeDozen
Eggs-White Large18 Carton
Eggs-White Omega 3 LargeDozen
Margarine-BecelOriginal (907g)
Margarine-BecelOriginal (454g)
Milk-Kawarhta3.25% Homogenized Milk 1L (Carton)
Milk-Kawarhta3.25% Homogenized Milk 4L (Bagged)
Milk-Kawartha2% White 2L (Carton)
Milk-Kawartha2% White 4L (Bagged)
Milk-Kawartha1% White 2L (Carton)
Milk-Kawartha1% White 4L (Bagged)
Milk-NatrelLactose Free 1% Dairy Product 2L (Carton)
Milk-NatrelLactose Free Homogenized 3.25% 2L (Carton)
Milk-NatrelLactose Free 2% Dairy Product 2L (Carton)
Milk-NatrelLactose Free, Fat Free Skim 0% Dairy Product
Milk-Neilson1% White 4L (Bagged)
Milk-Neilson1% White 2L (Carton)
Milk-Neilson2% White 4L (Bagged)
Milk-Neilson2% White 2L (Carton)
Milk-Neilson3.25% Homogenized Milk 4L (Bagged)
Milk-Neilson3.25% Homogenized Milk 1L (Carton)
Milk-SilkAlmond Unsweetened milk, Vanilla (Carton)
Milk-SilkAlmond Unsweetened milk (Carton)
Parmesan CheeseGrated Parmesan (250g)
Parmesan CheeseShredded Parmesan Cheese
Sour Cream14% container (500mL)
Sour CreamLight 5% container (500mL)
Sour CreamFat Free 1% container (500mL)
Yogurt - ActiviaVanilla (650g)
Yogurt - ActiviaStrawberry (650g)
Yogurt - ActiviaFat Free, Vanilla (650g)
Yogurt - ActiviaRaspberry (650g)
Yogurt - ActiviaStrawberry,Blueberry,Raspberry,Peach variety pack of 12 (100g)
Yogurt - Librte GreekVanilla (750g)
Yogurt - Librte GreekPlain (750g)